4 Rooms You Can Use a Humidifier

There are always ways of improving your home and creating a safer, more clean environment for you and yours. Whether it’s installing a magnetic screen door or automatic shades for your windows. One item that can instantly improve the quality of your home in a meaningful way that can actually have an impact on your health, is an air humidifier. 

An air humidifier is something that can increase the quality of your air which can have a big impact on your health in the long haul. This particular device can be used all over your house, however, there are some things that you should know. If you have been curious about upgrading your home with an air humidifier, but want to know which rooms it will work best in – here is everything you need to know! 

  • First Things First, The Bedroom

When it comes to using an air humidifier, typically the first room that people will want it to be used in is their bedroom. Humidifiers in large rooms are a little tricky because the humidifier itself is pumping out a cool mist that will dissipate as it travels. That means that it can more quickly and easily be effective in a smaller room, such as a bedroom, or even a master bedroom.

Now, that being said, you should not shy away from using your air humidifier no matter the size of the room. If you have a large bedroom, you will still be able to sense the incredible effects of a cool mist humidifier, however, in general, the smaller the room the faster you will notice. 

This can easily be toggled by a gauge that allows you to set the amount of mist you are releasing. If it’s a large room, you can adjust it appropriately, and the same goes for it’s a smaller room. The bedroom is typically the first place that people want to use their cool mist humidifier in their homes for a couple of great reasons.

  • No More Dry Coughing

When a house suffers from dry, stale air, it can become very noticeable at night when you are trying to fall asleep. The frustrating thing about this is that it can immediately become a barrier to your rest when you start to develop a dry cough. 

No matter how many glasses of water you put down, you seem to never get rid of it – and honestly you just end up having to get up and go use the restroom in the end. A cool mist humidifier, especially one for larger rooms, is a great way to negate this issue and get the sleep you want.

  • Cuts Down on Airborne Allergens

Another reason that people love to use a humidifier in their room is that it cuts down on airborne allergens. When the air is dry, allergens are much more likely to travel and this can cause everything from mild to severe irritation. 

With an air humidifier, you can achieve richer sleep hygiene by cutting down on possible allergens. This can be something that comes in extremely useful during allergy season. Seasonal changes are a beautiful part of nature, but they also come at the price of allergies. For those who suffer from sensitivities to seasonal allergies, having an air humidifier in their room can greatly help. 

  • Guest Bedrooms

If you love to host and you know that your house deals with dry air, then picking up air humidifiers is a great choice for your guest bedrooms. With these, you only need to turn them on before the arrival of your guests, as they can quickly change the humidity of a room. Another great feature is if your air humidifier is able to diffuse essential oils, this could be a very hospitable way to welcome your guest. 

  • Bathroom – Not so Much

One room where you could use your humidifier, but it’s not the best, is going to be the bathroom. This room regularly has water running through it, and it is no stranger to getting filled with steam from showers or baths. So, while you definitely can, it may not be the most practical room to use a humidifier.

  • Dining Room and Living Room

The benefit of using a humidifier that can service large rooms – is that if you notice dry air in your dining or living room you can still use a humidifier to help correct this. While the larger rooms that do have a lot of entries and exits in them might take longer to humidify, you will still be able to notice a difference.


An air humidifier is a powerful tool that can help you upgrade the air quality of your home and improve your life in a meaningful way. With air humidifiers that can service large rooms, you can use one in almost any part of the house you feel needs it! 

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