How Much Do ER Travel Nurses Make?

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Travel nurses get paid higher compared with regular career nurses, but with specialization, travel nurses can go higher. Travel nurses who deal with emergencies and intensive care get higher pay. Let’s say emergency travel nurses for instance, how much do ER travel nurses make? What does a travel ER nurse do? Let’s find out by answering the following question.

How Much is ER Travel Nurse Salary?

The average pay an ER travel nurse can earn ranges from $2,300 to $2,800 per week. They are in demand. That’s why their pay is higher plus the fact that they have to perform the extra mile for their duties. An ER nurse requires someone who is skilled and flexible to implement the needed procedure for patients who come to the emergency room. 

How To Become An Emergency Room Nurse?

Most medical facilities prefer nurses with 1 year of experience. Nurses with experience can do the job immediately without too much training and orientation. Experience also means that they can be able to handle situations that need immediate action. Some may even ask for certification of training that is necessary since they will be dealing with patients who are in a life-threatening situation. An ER travel nurse should be alert and knowledgeable about different ways of approaching these kinds of situations.  

What’s ER Travel Nurse Life Beyond The Emergency Room?

Just like any other travel nurse, ER travel nurses can have the opportunity to explore the place they are assigned to. Although their schedules are hectic, they can have the time to go around after their assignments. They can ask for a short break and use this time to explore the place. Even nurses need time to refresh and relax, so they can be ready for the next assignment. Taking a break can prevent them from burnout, and they will be able to work more efficiently again on their next assignment. 

What Does A Travel Nurse Do On A Typical Day?

Just like any other nurses, they are assigned to assist patients. The only difference is that their schedule is more hectic, and they have to be more alert about patients coming in. They always have to be ready for any unexpected circumstances and be able to perform their duties and responsibilities well, which includes:


They should use their critical thinking to evaluate who among the patients’ needs immediate action. Since everyone in the emergency room is in a state of discomfort, the nurses should know which one needed to be assisted first. 

Taking Vital Signs 

Vital signs can tell if the patient is still capable of extending their condition or if they need to be treated immediately. This is not only part of the procedure but also one way of knowing who needs immediate action. 

Administering Medicine 

Once the doctor has given the prescription, ER travel nurses can give medicine to the patients for temporary comfort or for the first medication. They will also be responsible for recording the patient’s current medication as well their medications through their confinement. 

Providing Treatment

Nurses are allowed to administer treatment given that they are trained and that their doctor has given instruction to them. In critical conditions, procedures such as intubating patients who need it are allowed to be done by the nurse. 

Monitoring Patient’s Status 

It is part of the ER travel nurse’s responsibility to monitor the patients they admit from the emergency room. They have to check the progress or development of the patients and record it, so doctors will know the next procedure to be done on the patients. With this kind of task, accuracy is needed. 

With all these duties and responsibilities, do you still wonder how much ER travel nurses make? They deserve the pay they are receiving and if they could have higher, it would be better. If you are a nurse and aspiring to become an ER travel nurse, then start meaning the skills necessary to become one. Almost all the responsibilities of an ER travel nurse are the same as career nurses. So why not upgrade your skills and get higher pay instead. Boost up your career by becoming an ER travel nurse.