How to Make Residual Income Promoting Poker Affiliate Programs

Most of the people who are brand-new to Internet marketing start out by promoting offers to other Internet marketers. It can be hard to make any real money promoting to a small niche such as Internet marketing. However, you can broaden your horizon and develop a sizable residual income by promoting poker affiliate programs that pay you monthly based on all players you bring in.

The latest craze in internet marketing is CPA or cost per action.

Everyone gets excited about making $42 for a free trial offer of Acai Berry, teeth whitening, and colon cleansing.

But online poker have CPAs of up to $225 for each new player you refer to a poker site.

But the real money to be made as a poker affiliate is when you get paid a percentage of the monthly gross revenue of your players each and every month for the life of the player.

On average you earn 25 to 35% of the monthly gross revenue for each player.

If a new player generates $100 in revenue for the site, you would get $25-$35 of that.

If that player generates the same $100 every month that would be $1200 for the year and your cut would be $300 to $420 per year per player.

Many players stay loyal to a site for years because of frequent player rewards programs, freeroll tournaments, cash bonuses and other prizes.

So this would truly be a residual income as a poker affiliate.

You only have to work once and get paid over and over again.

You can promote online poker sites through article marketing. You can take the information you learn from Bum marketing and apply it to online poker and get paid much more for your efforts.

You can create a poker blog and offer tips to new players and mention deposit bonus codes and special promotions the poker sites are running so they can take advantage of them and sign up through your referral link.

You can create review articles of all the major sites just like you would for the latest ClickBank product.

The major online poker sites also advertise on national TV so you can benefit from their advertising. You don’t see national TV advertising for any Internet marketing or ClickBank products.

This goes to show you how much larger the online poker market is compared to Internet marketing.

You can apply the secrets and techniques you learned for CPA marketing and apply them to online poker and develop a residual income as a poker affiliate.

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