Rubber Research body uses satellite derived maps to delineate rubber plantations

The Rubber Study Institute of India has properly delineated rubber plantations into very low, medium and large landslide risk types using satellite-derived maps of the distribution of rubber plantations and the district-smart landslide susceptibility zones formulated by the Kerala State Disaster Administration Authority.

These landslide vulnerable zones had been well prepared by integrating numerous databases like topographical maps, distant sensing data, floor truth and geo-technological investigations. The landslide zones had been analysed geo-spatially with satellite-derived rubber plantation maps.

“We can advocate growers to adopt very good agricultural methods at a location in accordance to its vulnerability to landslides as nicely as cultural operations that should not be undertaken to minimise the impression of landslides”, the officers stated.

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Kerala is characterised by hilly and undulating terrains with tropical monsoon weather. Induced by significant rainfall, the hilly locations of the State witnessed two significant landslides resulting in lots of human casualties and really serious damages to the environment and qualities in the earlier few of several years.

Really rigorous rainfall can destabilise hilly terrains the place all-natural rubber is a common crop among the other people. Occupying additional than 22 for every cent of the gross cropped region of the State, all-natural rubber plantations are mostly developed on the undulating and sloping terrains of alongside the foothills of Western Ghats which are more and more getting to be susceptible to landslides.

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Landslide is a all-natural disaster that are unable to be predicted with any diploma of absolute certainty. But science-based safety measures can empower area communities to continue being vigilant, cutting down the risk of event of a landslide and its impression on individuals and house if it occurs, the officers stated.

Local climate alter has altered the rainfall sample in the State and excessive climate situations such as tropical cyclones, significant rainfall and floods have become additional recurrent and rigorous which can quite possibly enhance the incidence of landslides in long run.