Uncertainty surrounds tea auction planned for next week at Coimbatore centre

Selling prices moved north, and prospective buyers ended up supportive. Nonetheless, uncertainty surrounds the tea auction prepared for next week at the Coimbatore centre, as the trade is but to obtain the necessary permission from the district administration for opening of the warehouses and broker places of work.

In the absence of the permission, arrivals can not be unloaded at the warehouses, prospective buyers will not be equipped to raise the teas from the warehouses, and brokers will not be equipped to draw samples for distribution between prospective buyers for upcoming sale, defined an sector supply, emphasising the need for

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Nilgiris tea output falls 19% in March

Lockdown has brought down the tea creation in the Nilgiris in March by 19.08 for each cent.

Tea providers in the district have knowledgeable Tea Board that their creation in March declined to one.06 million kg (mkg) from one.31 mkg in March 2018 since of the lockdown.

The creation was decrease by ten.ninety two for each cent above the five-calendar year imply typical of one.19 mkg for the month. However, the cumulative output in the very first quarter (Q1) of present calendar was up since of increased creation in January and February.

The cumulative Q1 output rose to two.ninety eight

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Plea to supply essential items to Nilgiris tea estate workers

Tea estates in the Nilgiris are facing shortage of essential items for their worker families.

Estates have closed the roads to the surrounding towns and villages and have stopped engaging non-resident workers. The government has allowed the estates and factories to work with only 50 per cent of their workforce.

Some estates have ration shops within their compunds for the benefit of workers and their families. After the lockdown, the supply of ration commodities have been delayed.

The workers, mostly migrants from Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar and Nepal, want the managements to allow them to go to nearby villages and

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Tea industry stares at 10-25 per cent crop loss due to lockdown

A lockdown because of Covid-19 and closure of tea estates during majority of the plucking season could lead to a crop loss between 10 and 25 per cent for the industry, this year. Estates have been closed during the peak plucking season of first flush crop generally beginning March.

While Darjeeling will lose 25 per cent (approximately 2 mkg) of its total production, which stands at around 8 mkg, the crop loss in Assam and West Bengal put together is estimated to be close to 8-10 per cent.

Assam opens estates

The Assam government on Friday allowed tea estates to

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Why Indian tea exporters remain upbeat on Iran market despite disruptions

India’s tea exports to Iran have been getting momentum considering that 2013. They broke all data in 2019 (January-December) to access 53.45 million kg (mkg), with Iran changing Russia as the most significant buyer of Indian tea.

Can India repeat this achievements in 2020? It can, say tea industry resources, for valid causes.

The challenge, even so, is imminent. Iran is devastated by the twin assault of the Covid-19 outbreak and a crude oil rate war, which limits intake prospective. Export activity has slowed down about the past two months. Faster than later on, there could be a political upheaval

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