Two Stone Engagement Ring: Why Go For It?

20 Beautiful Two-Stone Engagement Rings

It Is common for engagement rings to have a center stone that will surely be the main attraction of the ring. Diamonds are the best preference for center stone but some will prefer other gemstones  depending on the preference of the woman the man will be proposing to. But as the years advances modifications are made on engagement rings and jewelry starts broadening the options of their customers by creating designs that are extraordinary. Then two stone engagement rings were introduced to the industry in the olden times. One of the most famous two stone engagement rings was the one given by Napoleon Bonaparte to his love Josephine.


The 2 stone engagement ring is also called the “forever us” ring. The two center stone represents the two couples who will become one after the engagement since it will be followed by a wedding. As promises made on the wedding day when two people will be united as one after marriage. This is what the two stone rings means.


Characteristics of Two Diamond Engagement Rings


Having two stone engagement rings makes your ring unique since most engagement rings only have one center stone. Most girls would also love this imagining having 2 stones on your engagements rings instead of one!

Variety of Designs

Two stone ring designs come in different varieties, they are either readily made or customized. Most clients prefer a customized one, so they can fit it with their partners preference. You can opt to check on several stones on the list of their two stones engagement rings, compare prices and select one that fits you best. To help you with here are some recommended two stone engagement rings.


  • Infinity Rings

With the two stones in the center surrounded by an infinity shaped rim will make your rings extraordinary. What’s more, the meaning can impress your partner more. By seeing the infinity sign, it can symbolize your commitment to her.


  • Twisted Two Stone Diamond Ring

The twisted band ring can be a good design for two stone rings  plus accessorizing it with smaller stones on the shank will give a stunning appearance.


  • Solitaire 2 Stone Diamond Ring

Solitaire settings can make the two stones stand out since the bands are plain. These settings are also durable since the shank is solid and can be combined with any setting such as the bezel or prong.


With two stones as a center stone your girl will be pretty impressed with the ring you will be presenting to her on your proposal, she will surely say yes with the two stones on the ring sparkling before her eyes. Two stones can be made extraordinary by choosing different stones as your center stone or even two same stones will also do.


4C’s of 2 Stone Engagement Rings


The two center stones can be of different shape or same shape depending on the design you wish. If you will be opting for two same stones, having the same size will be better. For diamonds cutting two same sized with exact measurement can only be done by experts so make sure you have to choose a jewelry store with a skills cutter.


Carats for the two diamonds should also be equal to be able to have the same brilliancy and for the ring to look symmetrical. Get a skilled cutter to be able to attain the carats you want for your ring.


Having two same colors for your center stone is recommended, however two colors that are close to each other will be fine as long as they don’t contrast each other.


SI1-I2 will be a good choice, you can opt for two different clarity of diamonds as long as they combine well when out together.


Getting a perfect engagement ring can be challenging sometimes but if you opt for a two stone engagement ring, you can use the guides given to be able to come up with the unique engagement ring you can think of and have your jeweler make it into reality. Create something that your partner will live and make her say double yes! By offering a two stone engagement ring she will probably say yes twice.


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