What Is Domain Masking and Its Benefits?

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Online presence can make or break a brand’s success in the digital realm. Customising your website with specific domain names to cater to the right target audience and build a strong relationship is one way to enhance your online presence.

This can be done by choosing the best domain hosting in Australia, which eases the process of personalising a domain name.  

Besides enhancing the user experience and online brand image with domain name specifications, many other tools and techniques can help improve the overall online brand image. One such technique is domain masking.

Let us understand all about domain masking and its benefits below.

All About Domain Masking

Domain masking, also called URL masking technique, is a security enhancement technique that enables businesses to highlight their website content under a different domain name. 

In simple words, with domain masking, a business can use two different URLs for the same website content. To understand it better, here is an example.

  • weddingdiary.com is the original domain name with the required website content known as the primary domain.
  • A new URL, storiesoflove.com, is also created as the masked domain.
  • With domain masking, weddingdiary.com and storiesoflove.com will lead to the same website content as the primary domain.
  • When a user clicks on the masked domain of storiesoflove.com, they will be taken to the primary domain content of weddingdiary.com. However, the website URL will not change to the primary domain.

Benefits of Domain Masking

Domain masking is a highly valuable website tool for businesses. Some of the top benefits of URL masking include:

  1. Primary Domain Protection

Domain masking is a great tool to protect business websites from external threats like phishing, spam, or hacking. This is because the primary domain’s direct exposure is limited due to the introduction of other masked domains.

This enhances the security of the family domain while mitigating potential exposure of different vulnerabilities significantly. Moreover, masking hides the original IP address and other information, limiting an attacker’s ability to tap into the website.

  1. Improved Results

Domain masking is a popular tool that significantly increases engagement, user visits, and conversion rates. This is because it can easily hide any undesirable URL that can tip off the viewer and result in website abandonment. Examples of undesirable URLs include affiliate links.

Sometimes, businesses use domain masking to promote shorter URLs directed towards the particular service or product they want to target. 

This is specifically beneficial for targeted marketing campaigns, which directly take the potential lead to the right webpage for conversion, helping with a better analysis of success.

  1. Rebranding Flexibility

The need for changing business specifications to rebrand better is common. However, losing old customers due to rebranding can cause a dent in the conversion rates. 

With the help of domain masking, businesses can rebrand easily by adding a new domain name for enhanced user experience while also keeping the old domain name functional.

This will allow them to take the existing user base to the new rebranded website domain. This way, both new customers and existing users are happy and can view the rebranded content, regardless of the domain name they click.

Final Thoughts

With the correct implementation of domain masking, you can enhance your online presence using your website alone. 

Domain masking has multiple benefits, significantly improved website security and brand reputation. It is a powerful tool that supports changing business objectives while giving enough flexibility to keep brand consistency in check.

The main benefits of domain masking are only achievable if used strategically, considering the potential downside of over-usage. Always remember domain masking is an added security tool and should not be used as the only tool for website protection. 

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