Day: August 4, 2020

Machines help humans take control – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Workforce can normally have difficulty working with subtle machinery in fashionable factories. EU-funded scientists have now devised a regulate interface that can adapt to the expertise and capabilities of any operator.

Picture of an woman with shoulder in pain

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While it was when thought that the growth in industrial automation would direct to jobs turning out to be a lot less qualified, normally the reverse is genuine. Modern day producing units are so advanced that appreciable talent is desired to operate them.

‘Even very advanced devices cannot work completely autonomously there is continue to a sturdy require for a human to supervise them,’

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Protein analysis paints clearer pic… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

A go to to your medical professional could before long offer a much extra total photograph of your over-all well being thanks to new systems made by EU-funded researchers. They will help a brief and accurate evaluation of proteins from blood or urine samples to be carried out in the clinic.

Picture of a doctor

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The impressive equipment and methods made in the EU-funded MSMED challenge are serving to to lay the foundations for a revolution in the healthcare application of proteomics, the significant-scale review of proteins that carry out a broad array of important functions in the physique.

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Unravelling the mystery of how viru… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Rising viruses pose a severe threat to worldwide general public wellness. EU-funded investigation is assisting to progress our comprehending of how infectious health conditions evolve and adapt genetically, informing our endeavours to build an successful reaction. Researchers have already used these new approaches to quite a few general public wellness crises, which include COVID-19.

Picture of a doctor

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The expanding amount of viral outbreaks in current a long time poses a distinct threat to our properly-remaining, as properly as often provoking intense financial consequences. However, the swift evolution of engineering means that we are now ready to detect

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New material enables switch to ener… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Engineers are racing to swap silicon in electronics with a additional responsive and electrical power-efficient option. EU-funded scientists have made new products with prospective applications in communications, Net of Issues technological know-how, and even in detecting coronavirus.

Picture of a tree made out of electronic circuits

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As products shrink in size and develop in complexity, we need to discover methods of developing electronics to meet up with these needs and use a lot less electrical power in performing so.

Not long ago, the concept of employing functional oxides in nanoelectronic circuits has been escalating. Useful oxides can be manufactured to promptly switch from an

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CMS increases Medicare payment for three types of providers

In a closing rule, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has declared improved Medicare payment rates for inpatient psychiatric amenities, expert nursing amenities and for hospices.


CMS is finalizing a 2.2% payment rate update, an estimated $ninety five million, for the inpatient psychiatric amenities future payment technique for 2021. 

It is also finalizing its proposal to undertake revised Place of work of Administration and Spending plan statistical region delineations resulting in wage index values currently being more agent of the precise charges of labor in a supplied region. 

The updates will enable sophisticated

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