7 Weird and Wacky Insurance Policies That Exist

7 weird and wonderful items on home insurance policies | RACV

Everyone has heard of insurance for your car, your phone, and even for your life. But have you ever heard of insurance for something a bit more arbitrary? Ripe Insurance – Valuables is a United Kingdom-based insurance company offering various sports, business, and hobbies insurance. If you are interested in getting insurance for one or more of the areas, read some of the Ripe Insurance reviews and research the topic. Sports or hobby insurance is rather odd, but the truth is that there are a lot of uncommon insurances out there. 

1. Kidnapping Insurance

First up on the list of weird and wacky insurance policies that exist is kidnapping insurance. With this kind of insurance, any ransom paid when trying to be set free will be paid back to whoever paid the ransom. Try not to get kidnapped in the first place, but at least if you do, you know that you and your family are financially protected. 

2. Wedding Insurance

Your wedding is a big day, and there are a lot of different things that can go wrong. However, with wedding insurance, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You want the day to be perfect, but just in case the groom gets cold feet, the wedding gets crashed, or the priest doesn’t make it in time, this kind of insurance protects you and makes sure that you wouldn’t have wasted all that money you spent on the wedding. 

3. Alien Abduction Insurance

Everyone has always wondered about aliens. If they’re real if they live on Mars, what must it be like to be abducted by them? Well, now you can be compensated financially if you are ever actually abducted by aliens. Regardless of what the aliens do to you, you’ll be covered by your strange insurance policy

4. Body Part Insurance

Thanks to this insurance, you can have parts of your body insured. Suppose you believe your feet are your most valuable physical attribute, so much so that they need to be insured. In that case, you can rest knowing that if anything ever happens to them, you can get compensation from the insurance company.  

5. More Than One Insurance 

Now here’s an interesting one. This kind of insurance covers multiple births. It covers and reimburses mothers for the additional costs of an additional unexpected baby when giving birth. 

6. Lottery Insurance

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? Did you know that your place of employment can also take out lottery insurance? This policy protects businesses financially if any of their staff win the lottery and quit their jobs immediately.

7. Ghost Insurance 

Ghost insurance protects you from damage done by ghosts. This insurance policy will protect you financially if you experience any loss or damage. 

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