Article Writing – Replace Your Part Or Full Time Income With Faster Writing

Article writing can help produce a part time or a full time income – provided you know what you are doing. For instance, you may be currently unemployed, and you are looking for some part time / contract jobs to fill up your time and to spice up your resume. Then the first thing you need to learn in order to boost your profits, is to be able to write fast.

Let’s say you charge $10 for a 500 word article. How much time does it take for you to complete the article? If you are going to need 1 hour to finish 1 article, then your max. earnings for the day is only about $100 (assuming you work 10 hrs a day). Even at that level, it’s possible to replace your full time income because if you average $100 a day, you end up with $3000 a month. But $2000 a month would be a more realistic figure because you may not wish to work every single day, or you may not be able to fill up your entire schedule for the day.

So how to boost income?

You can increase prices if you want, but that will chase some clients away. If your prices are not competitive enough, you will start to lose sales. Unless you have a very strong clientele, this option is not viable. Most writers start out with zero clients, so having competitive pricing is important to help attract new clients.

The other alternative, would be to learn how to write fast. As you become more productive, the hours you work per day shorten, but you can still maintain or even grow your income.

For instance, if you can shorten the time needed to write a 500 word article from 1 hr to just 15 minutes, you have cut down the time you spend on writing by 4 times. Now, to finish 10 articles, you need to work just 150 mins (or 2 hours 30 mins) each day.

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