China’s Videogame Limits Signal Move to Regulate Private Lives, Shape Next Generation

SINGAPORE—Under President Xi Jinping, China’s Communist Party has moved to aggressively reassert command in excess of the economy, likely right after some of the country’s major private enterprises in a travel to dial back what it sees as the capitalist excesses of a prior era.

Now, the get together, which is celebrating the one centesimal anniversary of its founding this year, is generating it ever more apparent that it intends to insert by itself into the private life of Chinese citizens to an extent not found in many years.

This week, get together officials unveiled difficult new boundaries on the amount of money of time Chinese young folks can invest participating in on the internet video games. The constraints arrive amid a crackdown on pop society icons and stick to moves to sharply limit right after-university tutoring.

Taken together, these moves characterize a shift in the social agreement that existed less than Mr. Xi’s two instant predecessors, in which the get together expanded private freedoms in trade for acquiescence to the party’s monopoly on politics.

The get together suggests its goal is to more actively form the next era of Chinese folks.