Elijah Norton’s Journey And How Veritas Global Protection Started

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Entrepreneurs play a vital role in society; they help create wealth for their workers and the local government (in the form of tax), and they create products and services that help to add value to people’s lives.

Despite the important role, most people with innovative ideas shy away from implementing them because of the numerous challenges entrepreneurs have to face. Some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face are; staying focused and productive, trying to find a work-life balance, time management, competition, and cash flow.

Most entrepreneurs are ambitious and expect to see results within a few months of starting their business. Being ambitious is great, but according to Elijah Norton, the Executive Chairman and President of Veritas Global Protection Service, true business success takes years. 

Most businesses become successful after five years. In an interview with DotCommagazine, He advises entrepreneurs to be patient and work on their business ideas to continue evolving and not give up on their dreams, no matter their challenges. 

How to Be an Entrepreneur

There are two major ways to become an entrepreneur; the first is to develop a business idea based on your skills, trends, market gaps, or different pain points. It is vital to ensure your business idea is great and be willing to work. One thing that most successful business people like Mark Zuckerberg and Elijah Norton agree on is that successful businesses are not born overnight. 

You need to put in hard work before your business idea thrives. That is why entrepreneurs are encouraged to do something that they like as they might have to do and redo it several times until they get it right. You also need to have a plan to help grow your business.

The other way you can be an entrepreneur is by investing in an existing business that you see has signs of potential growth. Working to grow another person’s business idea does not make anyone less of an entrepreneur. Many businesses have thrived with this strategy, such as Mcdonald’s, which once belonged to Dick and Mac McDonald. But Ray Kroc, who was the founder of the McDonald’s fast food chain restaurant, saw a chance and a way that he could grow the business. 

Given the huge impact that the business has made on society, it is safe to say that you can be an entrepreneur by using other people’s ideas and working on improving them by making the products or services better and the business more profitable.

Effects of an Entrepreneur and Their Business on a Community

The bottom line is that starting any business aims to make money, but most entrepreneurs focus on more than the bottom line. They also contribute to the community by finding great and innovative solutions that help solve practical, financial, and social issues. Thus, this helps in job creation and developing new ideas and offers economic and political benefits.

Generating Job Opportunities:  Even the most basic scale entrepreneurs offer employment opportunities, thus, giving the local communities income, which helps fuel the economy. That’s because those paid by the community have money to spend on other goods and services provided in the local community.

New Ideas: Due to the increased competition among entrepreneurs, business people have to develop new ways that open doors to new products and technology. The new ideas help to improve life by making it better and more efficient. For instance, today, communication is easy and fast thanks to computers and smartphones.

Economic Benefits:  The innovative products by entrepreneurs and the services they offer significantly affect society’s economic growth. Besides creating wealth, it can also add to other entrepreneurial and investment opportunities. For instance, the innovation of vehicles has led to the development of vehicle protection plan companies like Veritas Global Protection.

Political Benefits: By paying taxes and adding to the national income, entrepreneurs offer numerous political benefits. They also offer a platform for new trades and education. Additionally, they promote research and industrial development.

Elijah Norton Journey

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Elijah Norton started the Veritas Global Protection business in 2011 by starting a direct marketing call center. The company had two employees, and in the first two years, he faced numerous challenges, such as not making a profit. There was a time when he almost gave up on the business. 

However, in the third year, the business started showing signs of success; from then, it has made high returns. In 2022, the company is now a significant player in the industry, hiring dozens of employees. It has generated over $100 million in revenue each year.

How Veritas Global Protection Continues to Provide Jobs and Vehicle Protection Plans

Since the establishment of Veritas Global Protection, it has continued to grow in terms of the number of clients it serves, the amount of revenue it generates, and the number of employees it hires. 

As the business continues to grow, so does the number of workers. The company contributes to the community by offering employment to its members. With the business growing in over 20 countries and four continents, the company continues to offer job opportunities. 

With Veritas Global Protection, there are no one-size fits all options; the company tailors the type of protection they offer to suit their clients. With this insurance plan, you can settle for an affordable one. 

The one thing that stands out from the vehicle protection plan offered by this company is the ability of clients to choose the type of savings that will best suit their needs. Veritas Global will offer you the solution you need, no matter your engine type, from bikes to planes. In addition, it has the best customer service that will listen to your needs.


Becoming an entrepreneur is tricky; you must have the best plan and strategies and uphold discipline. You should also be ready to face numerous challenges and deal with competition. However, despite the many challenges of being an entrepreneur, the service positively affects the community by creating employment, innovative ideas, and political benefits. 

A great example of this is Elijah Norton’s Veritas Global Protection Services which is changing the community by offering employment to the community members, creating innovative ways to offer vehicle protection plans, and paying taxes to add to the industrial development.

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