Evaluation of eToro vs AvaTrade


eToro vs AvaTrade are two very different types of financial service providers. The first thing to understand is while they both offer forex trading, they do so differently.

eToro is a social trading platform that allows users to trade more than 1,500 assets. It has been a major player in the CFD industry and has attracted millions of traders on its platform. The platform offers different categories such as stocks, ETFs, commodities, and currencies. The company continues to grow as they have opened offices around the globe including Israel, Cyprus, and Malta.


eToro is a CFD provider, while AvaTrade is a forex broker. CFDs are contracts for difference, which means that you don’t own the underlying asset; rather you’re speculating on whether it will move in your favor or not. This makes them more like derivatives than stocks or shares; with CFDs, you can buy or sell without actually having ownership rights over anything (unlike stocks). Unlike stocks and shares, however, CFD trades are typically margined and require more financial resources from their traders to fund them (more on this later).


Both eToro and AvaTrade offer web-based platforms, but eToro also offers a dedicated desktop version that calls WebTrader. The web platform is more intuitive and user-friendly than the one offered by AvaTrade. On the other hand, Avatrade has a mobile app for trading on the go if you prefer using your phone or tablet over your computer.

If you’re looking for something easy to use, then I would recommend checking out AvaTrade as it has a better user experience than eToro does. It also has an excellent mobile app that allows you to trade on your phone from anywhere!

For more experienced traders, eToro is a better option. It offers more features and functionality than AvaTrade does. For example, eToro has advanced charting tools which allow you to view historical price data in more detail and analyze trends using various indicators.


Signals are the most important tool in the forex market. They can help you make better decisions, avoid losing money, and even make money.

Signals are often based on technical analysis indicators, such as moving averages and Bollinger bands. These signals can be generated by software or algorithms using price history data for currency pairs and other financial instruments. When trades are placed based on these signals, there is a chance that they’ll fail because no one knows what will happen next in the markets (though some people will argue that this isn’t true).

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposit and withdrawal fees are charged at a rate of 2% on each transaction.

Trades, deposits, and withdrawals are not subject to any financial charge.

The minimum deposit is $250. The minimum withdrawal is $250. Withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours of receiving your request for withdrawal of funds from your account and will be paid to the account from which you deposited funds into your eToro trading account at AvaTrade or eToro (for example: if you sent money from your credit card, then the amount that was originally deposited onto that credit card will be withdrawn back into that same credit card).


Leverage is a tool used to amplify your trades. It allows you to open positions that are larger than your account equity and therefore take advantage of the market’s swings in both directions. The more money you invest with leverage, the more money you can make from winning trades!

When trading on eToro and AvaTrade, leverage is offered in increments of 1:1. This means if you have $100 in your account, then applying 1:1 leverage will allow you to trade 100 times as much money ($10k). This also means that for every dollar lost on a losing trade, it will cost 2 dollars in losses – since each position has two sides (one long and one short).

Leverage works great when used correctly but can be very dangerous if not managed properly or controlled appropriately. Using too much leverage can lead to huge losses without warning – especially when using margin trading which takes away most forms of risk management like stop loss orders or trailing stops!

Demo Account

eToro and AvaTrade offer demo accounts for traders to practice using their trading platforms. A demo account allows you to trade with fake money so that you can familiarize yourself with the process of placing orders without risking any real money.

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a broker is determining how much they charge in fees. We’ve already covered this topic in detail below, but here’s a quick look at the main differences between eToro and AvaTrade:

  • eToro has lower fees than AvaTrade for non-leveraged trades on their platform ($7 vs $25 per month). However, if you want leveraged trades (which is what makes them such great options for beginners), then that changes – there are no additional fees associated with leverage trading!

If you’re looking for a broker that will help you build your portfolio, then eToro is the way to go. It has a great platform and the best educational content, including signals from professionals. While AvaTrade has better options for trading on its web platform or mobile app (including higher leverage), it’s not as beginner friendly as eToro.

Avatrade does have an edge over eToro when it comes to demo accounts: they offer the ability to trade with real money in a simulated account. This means that traders can get used to their platform without spending any actual money until they feel comfortable enough with their strategies before trying them out live, for more information more articles

Contact customer support to find out more.

  • Contact customer support to find out more.
  • Call, email, or chat with them.
  • Provide your details and ask for a call back (they will get in touch).
  • They will be able to help you further.


It’s hard to say which broker is better than the other, as many factors matter to individual traders. We hope this comparison has helped you make up your mind about choosing eToro or AvaTrade for your online trading. If you still have questions about either company, please contact us for more information!

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