Here’s Why UK Accountants Should Adopt Bookkeeping Software

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Technology has made making payments a whole lot easier than it used to be. With contactless cards and QR codes, one can initiate transactions in a matter of seconds. Surely, tracking expenses also has its efficient ways as opposed to the conventional spreadsheets and desktop accounting models that accountants in the UK currently leverage. But, in this era of automation, it becomes the need of the hour.


In fact, there is — cloud-based UK bookkeeping software, which not only makes expense management quick and efficient but also future-proof business growth through automation. 


Among the best free UK bookkeeping software in the UK today, we have Dext, a secure and reliable cloud-based accounting software that is user-friendly and is no longer restricted to bookkeepers and accountants but also business owners.


Here’s why UK businesses should consider adopting a bookkeeping software:

  • Manage your finance effectively from anywhere, anytime

Whether it is invoices, expenses, payroll, inventory, or bank reconciliations, it is now easier than ever to keep track of your expenses using online accounting software. 


As per HMRC, it is estimated that cloud bookkeeping software is increasingly becoming a norm in the current business atmosphere and most small businesses will adopt UK bookkeeping software shortly.


With the flexibility to operate your accounting software using any device, from anywhere, you can take care of your business remotely, using the accounting software. 

  • Keep diligent track of account payables and receivables 

You can finally ditch that folder of receipts and invoices, and ensure overall security and efficiency by adopting a cloud-based UK bookkeeping software. How? Accounting software like Dext ameliorates the complexity of storing receipts until the tax season by letting you take snapshots and upload receipts to the cloud. 


These are further categorised by the software so that there are no issues when accessing documents to review or share with clients. Plus, the multi-user access ensures that you can seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues and financial advisors.


Cloud-based bookkeeping software also keep your data up-to-date so you have access to real-time financial intelligence at all times. 

  • Cut down administrative tasks and save time

All the best free UK bookkeeping software have a common purpose – to take over your administrative responsibilities and allow you to spend more time on business planning and growth. 


With time-consuming manual data entry almost eliminated in a UK bookkeeping software, you stand to save loads of time and resources to direct to core business tasks. Not to mention, it reduces the potential for human error and inefficiency.


Even where taxes are concerned, you can rely on automatic tax calculation to submit your returns to the HMRC on time. 

  • Improve the security of sensitive finance data

It’s no secret that cloud-based bookkeeping software are the most secure and protected platforms compared to any on-premise accounting solution. With finance records encrypted with the help of industry-standard encryption systems, your finances are monitored around the cloud and audited for security regularly. Since there is an option of activating two-step authentication, you can prevent unauthorised access and data theft risks. 

  • Leverage actionable insights to improve decision-making 

Business owners can view business performance, payment records, and expenses via their at-a-glance dashboard for a quick dose of intelligence on their financial health. Online bookkeeping software generates on-the-go reports and proactive insights that play a crucial role in assessing your business needs and making long-term decisions. 


Accounting software like Dext also allows you to remain compliant with tax regulations — meaning, since the software is updated regularly, it will reflect whatever changes regarding return submissions and VAT legislations are made effective by the UK accounting legislation. 


So, what are you waiting for? Book your Free 14-Day Trial with Dext today!