How to care for your new puppy

Puppy 101: a Quick-Start Guide to Caring for Your New Puppy - Best Friends  Pet Care

Before getting a new dog, you’re going to need to familiarise yourself with tips for having a new puppy. You also need to get your pet the proper medication for allergies, itchiness, infection, or pain. Thankfully there are many pharmacies like entirelypets pharmacy for your pet’s medication. Here are more tips on how to raise your pets.

Puppy-proof your home

Just like babies and small children, puppies are naturally curious creatures and will explore their new territory and its contents. This could lead to them getting themselves in dangerous situations. Therefore you must create a safe space for your new dog. You can start by designating or fencing off one part of the home that will become your puppy’s new territory for your puppy’s first few months. You will then need to make sure that electrical items and cords, chemicals and toxins, plants, rugs, breakables, valuables, and trash are out of reach from your new puppy. You also need to sweep or vacuum the area frequently to remove any minor hazards and keep the area clean and tidy so your pup can safely enjoy their new environment.

Train you puppy

Although your newest family member may be a tiny and cute little puppy doesn’t mean you can let him get away with anything. You should start training your new puppy right away, especially since they will need to learn the rules and will be able to grasp them quickly with a good consistent effort at a young age. Obedience training can also help you forge a stronger bond with your puppy. Teaching your puppy to obey commands can also help keep your pup safe and under control in potentially dangerous situations. You will also need to potty train your puppy. Puppies need to urinate frequently, so you will need to anticipate their needs and allow them to relieve themselves at least every two hours. You should look out for when your puppy looks around anxiously, walks in circles, and start sniffing in suitable corners is usually a sign that they need to go and that you should take them outside.

Get the necessary puppy supplies

You will need to ensure that you’re stocked up on important supplies to help you care for your puppy. These include, but are not limited to ID tags, collar & leash, food & bowls, sleeping crate, toys, and shampoo. You can also purchase a GPS tracker and activity monitor for dogs. A GPS tracker and activity monitor are important as it offers you peace of mind when your pets are left outside by themselves and can keep track of your pet’s movement. Providing your dog with toys and other entertainment can help keep them occupied and feel more at home. A range of toys available for your new puppy to play with can help them feel cared for, comfortable, and happy about its new environment.

Allow your new puppy to socialize

Allowing your puppy to socialize is important as it creates a behaved, relaxed, safer dog. Your puppy being more comfortable in a wider variety of situations leads to them being less aggressive when put in fearsome situations. Puppies socialize in different ways. From at home, in classes, or on playdates with other puppies. By meeting new people and dogs, your new puppy can socialize. You should remember not to rush when trying to get your puppy to socialize and make sure you’re not overwhelming them by being aware of your puppy’s limits. Give your puppy treats and praise them to make the interactions more positive.

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