India’s cotton crop estimated at 360 lakh bales for 2021-22 season

India’s cotton output for the new time 2021-22 is predicted to be 360.thirteen lakh bales (each and every of 170 kg), which is marginal 2 for every cent increase about 353 lakh bales estimated for the time that finished September thirty, 2021. The estimate arrives even as cotton selling prices are at the file ranges of ₹64,500 for every sweet (for 29mm ginned assortment) and ₹8,800 for a quintal of raw cotton.

Trade system Cotton Association of India (CAI) on Saturday introduced the preliminary first estimates for cotton crop for the new time that started on October one, 2021, soon after its Crop Committee satisfied on Friday.

Based mostly on the facts offered from a variety of trade sources, upcountry associations and other stakeholders, the Committee has estimated cotton use at 335 lakh bales for the new time, same as past calendar year. Also, imports are estimated to be at the same ranges of past calendar year (ten lakh bales).

Having said that, cotton exports, which hit a file in 2020-21 at about seventy eight lakh bales, are predicted to appear down by 38 for every cent to forty eight lakh bales. This dip is most likely to simply because of the file significant selling prices of the fibre.

The cotton time (October one, 2021 to September thirty, 2022) would stop with a surplus stock of about sixty two.thirteen lakh bales, which is reduced by 17 for every cent from the closing stock of 75 lakh bales estimated for the past calendar year.

The Crop Committee of the CAI will re-assess the crop as the time progresses, the trade system mentioned in a assertion.

Gujarat’s output improves

Cotton output in the largest grower Gujarat is predicted at 96.99 lakh bales, up 6 for every cent from ninety one.five lakh bales estimated for past calendar year. Cotton output in Maharashtra and Telangana is predicted to be 86.forty six lakh and 45.ninety one lakh bales respectively, which is an increase from 81 lakh bales and 44 lakh bales respectively in the past calendar year.

A sharp dip in cotton output is predicted in Haryana and Rajasthan at 16.sixty lakh bales and 26.sixty seven lakh bales respectively, which is reduced by 26 for every cent and 18 for every cent respectively about past calendar year. The output in Punjab is predicted to be stable at about ten lakh bales. For the northern area, cotton crop is predicted to be reduced by 18.five for every cent to 53.34 lakh bales as in opposition to sixty five.five lakh bales.

In southern area, cotton output is predicted at about 95.76 lakh bales, as in opposition to ninety one.five lakh bales estimated for past calendar year. Barring Andhra Pradesh, all cotton growing states in South India which include Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana will have a increased cotton crop. Estimates suggest Andhra Pradesh to have a dip of about ten for every cent in cotton crop at fourteen.3 lakh bales as in opposition to 16 lakh bales past calendar year.

In Central Zone, besides Gujarat and Maharashtra, cotton output in Madhya Pradesh is also predicted to increase by about ten for every cent about past calendar year to 20.five lakh bales from 18.five lakh bales.