Kerala cashew sector to tap Japanese market in post-Covid days

V Sajeev Kumar Kerala’s cashew sector is gearing to faucet the Japanese industry in the write-up-Covid times in perspective of growing desire and recurring orders for kernels.

Japan is 1 of the important customers and the existing lockdown is a hindrance to fulfill the desire entirely. Nevertheless, the sector is self-confident to utilise its potential the moment the constraints are lifted, mentioned K Rajesh, nationwide committee member of the Cashew Market Safety Council.

Japan is an crucial industry for Indian cashew kernels with yearly export of about ten,000 tonnes. Of this, the contribution of the Kerala cashew sector is about eight,000 tonnes and the stability will be met from Vietnam and China markets. The drum-roasted cashew kernels are the USP of Kerala product or service, which finds quite a few takers in Japan, Rajesh mentioned.

Previous 12 months, shipments to Japan was as minimal as about 5000 tonnes thanks to a subdued desire coupled with a muted get the job done atmosphere in the extremely labour-intense cashew processing factories listed here on account of many sector-sensible challenges, he added.

Any delay in entering the Japanese markets in the write-up-Covid times may possibly give Vietnam and China an possibility to acquire supremacy. Both these international locations have a competitive advantage of reduced production prices because of mechanisation. The charge of production for kernels in India is about ₹700 for each kg, whilst in Vietnam, it is about ₹350/kg.

Aside from Japan, the US, Australia, the European Union are also excellent markets and the Covid-19 predicament has led to a diminishing desire in these consuming economies, he added.

According to R.K.Bhoodes, Chairman, Federation of Indian Cashew Market, the sector is in the approach of promoting usage of cashew nuts as an immunity booster in consuming international locations thanks to the presence of zinc.

Nevertheless, he mentioned, the usage of cashew nut in the domestic industry has been afflicted in the wake of the cancellation of marriages and other features. It is anticipated to consider at least one to 2 decades to restore normalcy.