LIVE: 5,800 US troops now in Kabul to help with evacuations, says official

Afghanistan crisis LIVE updates: A total of 7,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the start of evacuation operations on August 14 and over 5,200 US troops are in Kabul, the Pentagon said.

The Taliban’s sudden victory, which comes as the US withdraws from the country following a 20-year-war, has sparked chaos at Kabul’s airport, from where America and allied nations are trying to safely evacuate thousands of citizens and allies.

Chairing a UNSC event on the threat from terrorist acts, foreign minister S Jaishankar asked the council to not take a selective view of the issue as he underlined India’s concerns about developments in Afghanistan and its continued efforts to fight terrorist activities emanating from safe havensand sanctuaries from across its borders.