Reasons To Invest In Fully Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

Major Benefits Of Fully Managed Dedicated Servers | Infinitive Host

In the web hosting landscape, a Dedicated Server is one of the most powerful options since your website is the sole resident of the server. When you start looking for web hosting services, you can choose from a range of hosting servers based on your needs.

A Dedicated Server is also available in many options, including Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers, HDD and SSD Dedicated Servers, and Unmanaged and Managed Dedicated Servers.

When you opt for a Managed Server in India, your website is stored on a Dedicated server, dedicated to your site. Also, the host assigns a technical expert to your account to assist you with server-related tasks. Since you are the only dedicated server user, you can change the server’s configuration and install software as per your needs.

You get administrative rights to the server. Hence, a small error can impact the server’s performance and even crash. If you are not technically skilled, you can opt for a Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plan and get a technical expert to help you run and manage the server easily.

Today, we will talk about Dedicated Servers Managed Hosting plans and the reasons to invest in them.

1.      Top-notch Security

A Dedicated Server requires you to run various processes and manage several tasks to boost its security. You must run vulnerability scans to identify security loopholes and take corrective measures before the server is hacked.

The technical expert assigned to your account in managed hosting takes care of most of these server-related tasks and helps boost the security of your Dedicated Server and website.

2.      Improved Uptimes

Every web server needs downtime for running maintenance tasks. With a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, you can schedule such maintenance-related downtimes based on the non-peak hours of your site.

With managed Dedicated Hosting, the technical expert can help you with such maintenance activities and take various measures to boost your site’s uptime.

3.      Better resource management

While a Dedicated Server is the most powerful hosting option, the available resources are limited to its configuration. Hence, if your site needs more resources, you must add hardware to the server.

With a managed plan, the technical expert monitors the server’s resource utilisation and offers recommendations to add hardware before the site’s performance is impacted. This ensures better resource management.

4.      Help with server customisation

With full root access and dedicated resources, you can change the server’s configuration to create a tailored hosting environment for your site.

However, this requires technical proficiency because a small error can result in performance issues or server crashes. With managed Dedicated Hosting, the technical expert helps customise the server to avoid such issues.

Summing Up

While managed Dedicated Hosting plans are costlier than their unmanaged counterparts, their benefits far outweigh the costs. In addition, these plans are specifically beneficial to site owners that need to be more technically proficient or have an IT team to run and manage the server.

Before buying a Dedicated Hosting plan, make sure that you assess your hosting requirements and think about server management carefully. Also, research the market and compare providers and plans to find your site’s best Dedicated Server Hosting plan. Good Luck!

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