Solar Energy: How much does Solar Energy Services cost in Shreveport?

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Solar energy has been something that people in Louisiana, specifically in Shreveport, had been on trend at the moment. Turning to renewable energy had been something that is recommended by all people because not only can it help our environment, lessening our carbon footprint on our ozone layer and possibly lessening carbon dioxide, but it could also be a source of income because you could sell your extra energy back to the grid, sell it to your neighbor, and maybe even put it in a battery so that you could use it during blackouts and during the night time. 

There are a couple of Shreveport solar energy services that you could find and go to for consultation to find out if going solar is the right choice for you. So, how much does solar energy services cost in Shreveport? And which solar energy company is best in Shreveport?

How much does solar energy cost in Shreveport?

On average, the solar panel cost in Shreveport, Louisiana would have to be $3.00 per watt and the cost that you are going to pay depends on how many watts your system could carry and the size of it. Usually, a system that has the size of 5 kilowatts, the average cost would have to be $12,750 to $17,250 depending on the type of solar panel you would get and where you would put your panels.

Here is a list of the average solar panel cost by the system size in Shreveport, Louisiana:

System Size            System Cost                System Cost (After ITC)

3 kW                    $9,000                    $6,660

4 kW                    $12,000                    $8,880

5 kW                    $15,000                    $11,100

6 kW                    $18,000                    $13,320

7 kW                    $21,000                    $15,540

8 kW                    $24,000                    $17,760

9kW                    $27,000                    $19,980

10 kW                    $30,000                    $22,200

Do solar systems need servicing?

They do need servicing once in a while, but solar panels typically only require very little maintenance so that it could function and the panel’s lifespan could possibly extend. If your solar panels are under the rain, one thing you could do is just keep it in there because the rainfall could actually clear the debris away that was accumulated there. But during dry season and seasons without rain, it is very important that you clean it manually on occasion. 

When you are cleaning your solar panels during the dry season, it is fairly easy for you to clean them. Generally, all you really need is a leaf blower, or maybe even give it a quick spray with a garden hose and it would instantly clean your panels.

During the winter, with heavy snowfall, you could use lukewarm water in order to clear the snow away and use a squeegee with a long handle when your solar panels are on the roof when you can’t reach the solar panels themselves. One thing you should remember when cleaning it during the winter, you should not use hot water when you are cleaning the snow off because the solar panels are made out of tempered glass and when they are exposed to extreme temperatures daily and it could crack your panels.

Why Should Solar Energy be Used and Why Solar Energy is Better:

  1. Solar electricity makes your home go off-the-grid
  2. Solar power causes less electricity loss
  3. Solar power creates jobs and economic growth in the state of Louisiana
  4. Solar power is a free source of energy
  5. Solar power improves grid security
  6. Solar power can use underutilized land
  7. Solar power is good for the environment

Why is solar the Best Energy Solution?

When you decide to convert to relying on solar energy instead of relying on fossil fuel and the grid itself, you could have clean, emission-free, and renewable energy to help your house function. Unlike all of the other fossil fuels like coal and natural gases, solar panels and owning your own solar system do not release harmful pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide into the air and your water supply. This would also cause lesser carbon footprints.

You could also always store all of your excess energy by getting a solar battery which you could use when it’s night time, or when there is no electricity in your house. This could give you the possibility of going off-grid and not rely on your electricity grid completely. It is more affordable, accessible, resilient, and efficient.