Tips and Tricks to Keep Couch Covers from Slipping

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Using slipcovers on your sofas is one of the handiest ways of protecting your sofas while keeping them look clean and fresh. However, it is annoying to find them slipping and becoming loose every time someone sits on them. Boisterous kids and pets can wreak havoc on your sofa slipcovers. You need to fix and straighten them after people leave to make them look good again. Some of the most effective tips for ensuring that the sofa slipcovers don’t move about and come loose:

Foam Inserts              

Many sofa slipcover sets come with foam inserts. These are simple hollow or solid tubes of synthetic foam material that you need to insert in the crack between the cushion and the sofa back or the arm. When you insert the foam stick deep into the cracks, you will find that it holds the cover in place. While you can easily buy sofa foam inserts online, you can make them at home if you have foam padding material lying about at home. The material can be of any color and shape because they stay hidden inside the cracks of the sofa cushions.

Non-Skid Padding

Your leather sofas may be the pride of your home, but they can become spoilt if you have pets jumping on them all the time or using them as scratching posts. While it is a good idea to cover the sofa, the slippery nature of leather does not allow the material to stay in place. To prevent the l shaped sectional couch covers from sliding; you can place no-skid padding on the sofa. The padding is similar to what is used under carpets and floor rugs. The non-skid padding helps to hold the cover in place.

Slipcover Straps

Slipcover straps and ties are easily among the simplest and most effective methods of keeping sofa slipcovers in place. While many manufacturers include them along with the slipcovers, however, if they do not, you can usually purchase them additionally or even make them easily at home using elastic strings or strips of cloth. These straps pass underneath the sofa and hold the slipcover in place. By adjusting the tightness of the straps, you can make them fit right on your sofa.

Upholstery Twist Pins

Another simple method of keeping your sofa slipcovers in place is to use upholstery twist pins. These pins typically have a low profile and are made of clear plastic so that they do not look out of place against the cover fabric. Since the material is plastic, they do not rust as well. The way to use the curly pins is to insert them with a twisting action through the cover and into the decking of the sofa cushions of the sofa until fully inserted. According to Home Steady, you should place twist pins around the edge of the decking at intervals of four to six inches for best results.


Slipcovers moving around on your sofas can look unsightly and make you work overtime to keep them tidy after every use. By using any of the methods or even a combination of a few, you can secure them so that so do not move or bunch on the sofa.