Top 7 reasons for which Forex investors loses money

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Why most investors suffer from losses in their trading? The answer is, trading in the financial market is risky, especially in the currency market, where only a few investors survive in the long run. Now we will discuss some of the fundamental reasons which act as the causes of losing money for the investor.

Affiliates and Online Transaction

Internet’s widespread penetration makes online trading popular among traders. It is becoming popular with the growth, and every day huge people are getting connected with it. Forex brokers give tough competition to the industry. Tough competition among the traders often leads to losses in their trade.

Just like the currency market, another enormous industry is the affiliate industry. The affiliate is massive by its volume, and it attracts all types of traders. When traders invest in online and affiliate markets in inappropriate ways, they end up losing their money.

Online Trading Advertising

Online trading is full of competition like all other competitive marketplaces, and it’s full of different investors and companies. Like the outstanding broker’s houses, scammers, and crooks, all are available in this industry. Therefore, this currency market advertisement states that it’s a place for people who want to “get-rich-quick.” And following this advertisement, many people invest money inappropriately, and they face losses.

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Greed vs. Fear

Whatever we do in our life, all act facilitates by our inner human nature. Some investors have more perseverance than others, and some are more averse to risk, and so on. There is a no different thing in the transaction. 

Some investors are desperate to make money in the currency market, while others understand that money-making brings the risk of losing money in the foreign currency market. Therefore, creating a balance between money-making and risk-taking is highly needed.

Failure to Realize the Strategy of Other Players

Inability to understand the other player’s strategy is another reason why most traders fail to make the trade-in Forex. An investor should know all the methods of other players in every transaction because there is a countertrade. The currency market is vast, and with a blink of an eye, paring and position squaring takes place in this market. Moreover, colossal liquidity presents in this marketplace. Therefore, a trader should know what strategies the other players are adopting for trade.


For many investors, overtrading is no less than greed. Traders, in the desire of making more profit take too much risk and do overtrade, and ultimately, they end up losing money. Overtrading is not a means of making money; it’s something else. Overtrading occurs when a trader holds too many spots simultaneously, increasing his trading account’s leverage.

Inappropriate Money Management

Money management is probably the most crucial reason for which most traders end up losing money. More precisely, a lack of money management leads to a loss in a trade. Money management is a huge responsibility, and every trader cannot maintain this responsibility. Managing money in trade is both art and science and different market adopts it differently.

Interbank Market and Pricing

Until the 2000s, the trading entry requirements in the financial and economic market were high, and for this reason, access to this marketplace was a dream for most average investors. It becomes a reality for them only in this modern era of development. However, the industry has changed for tight competition and ultra-modern technology.

Nowadays, any trader can trade in these global marketplaces with a secure internet link and few clicks of a mouse. A trader can sell anything in this market, from currencies to stocks, bonds, options, and so on. But according to the statistics, retail investors face a hard time in making money at Forex. Over 90 percent of investors lose their first investment in a stockbroker’s account.

Some reasons for losing money in trading have been described above, and a trader loses money in Forex for the above causes. As money-making is the main aim of many traders, they forget to focus on the point mentioned above, and for this reason, the traders lose money in trading.