Value of Learning Artificial Intelligence in 2022

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the premise for mimicking human intelligence methods by applying and creating embedded algorithms in a dynamic computing environment. Simply put, A.I. attempts to make computers think and act like humans.

Achieving this goal needs three key components:

  • Computational systems
  • Advanced A.I. algorithms (code)
  • Data management and data

The more human the desired result, the more data and computing are required.

How did Artificial Intelligence Come About?

At least from the 1st century BCE, humans were intrigued by the possibility of making machines that mimic the human mind. In modern times, the term artificial intelligence was coined by John McCarthy in 1955. In 1956, McCarthy and others organized a meeting called the Dartmouth Summer Research projected on artificial intelligence. That beginning led to the development of machine learning, predictive analytics, deep learning, and now prescriptive analytics. It has also spawned an entirely new industry of study, data science.

Early Days of Artificial Intelligence

While its earliest forms allowed computers to play games like checkers against humans, A.I. solutions to control the quality, video analysis, speech-to-text (natural language processing), and self-driving cars, as well as solutions in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and entertainment.

A Powerful Tool for Organizations and Businesses

A.I. can be a handy tool for large companies that generate meaningful data and small organizations that need to handle customer conversations more effectively. Artificial intelligence can streamline business processes, finish tasks quicker, remove human error, and much more.

Why is it Important?

The amount of data generated by humans and machines far exceeds the ability of humans to take in that data, interpret it, and make complicated decisions based on that data today. Artificial intelligence makes the basis of all computer learning. And it is the future of all complex decision-making. For example, most people can figure out how not to lose in tic-tac-toe (crosses and noughts). There are 255,168 unique moves, even though 46,080 ends in a tie. Fewer people would come into question as great masters of checkers, with more than 500 x 1018, or 500 quintillions, different possible moves. Computers are highly efficient at evaluating these permutations and combinations to make the best decision. A.I. (and its logical growth of machine learning) and deep learning are the fundamental future of enterprise decision-making.

Should we Pursue a Career in Artificial Intelligence?

If you know that working with A.I. technologies is challenging and potentially demanding, why would one want to pursue a career in this industry? Well, don’t worry. We will discuss why you would enroll in a data science online course and study artificial intelligence online.

First, artificial intelligence applications are already significantly impacting virtually every field. They will most likely continue to grow in importance since new applications, and technology solutions are developed.

Second, the A.I. industry is evolving rapidly. International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that the A.I. market is estimated to grow at 16.4% annually, including hardware, software, and services, and to 327.5 billion by 2021.

Lastly, jobs in the artificial intelligence industry typically pay high salaries, with U.S. Census Bureau data showing that the median salary for artificial intelligence professionals is $102,521.

Some of the top artificial intelligence positions which offer an excellent average annual salary are:

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer/Scientist / 2018 average salary: $99,998
  • Software Developer / 2020 average salary: $110,140
  • Computer and Information Scientists / 2020 average salary: $126,830

Suppose you are interested in technology and want to study artificial intelligence online, which could result in a lifelong profession with the potential for excellent pay. In that case, artificial intelligence might be for you. 

How To Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence

While you may be able to find an entry-level position in the industry without a prior degree, it is almost certainly easier to get an excellent job in artificial intelligence if you first attend a data science online course and finish a degree in the industry.

Why? Because the top approach to developing the knowledge, abilities, and skill you require to succeed as a professional artificial intelligence engineer is to study artificial intelligence online in a reputable academic environment, such as Hero Vired’s Data Science online program.

Why Enterprise A.I. Is Accelerating

Recent advances in algorithms, digital datasets’ proliferation, and improvements in computing – including increases in computing power and price reductions – have converged to launch a new generation of artificial intelligence technology that is ready for the enterprise. Almost every organization has a growing mountain of data, and A.I. offers the ability to analyze this resource at scale. A.I. is also becoming an integral part of the company as a cornerstone in digital transformation.  

Why Should I Enroll in Hero Vired’s A.I. Program?

Hero Vired’s program provides all the knowledge and experience you need to launch a successful career in the A.I. industry, along with the academic credentials required to grab the attention of hiring executives looking to fill AI-related positions.

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