What is the Minimum Deposit of Exness?

What is the minimum deposit for trading Forex?

Are you planning to create an account on the Exness that is among the leading brokers? But in search of finding the exact minimum deposit of Exness that you will have to deposit to start trading? If yes, then this article can surely assist you. So, without wasting any time, let’s delve into it.

What are the deposit fees and methods?

You’ll be glad to know that excess doesn’t charge any fees when you deposit the minimum deposit. When it comes to deposition, luckily, exness supports an extensive range of currency pairs that include:

  • AUD
  • USD
  • GBP
  • CHF
  • ZAR and more

It should be noted that although you can pick any option among the above mentioned. But you may have to pay the conversion fees because the base currency of exness is USD.

How to deposit the minimum amount?

Firstly, you need to do the registration, and once you are done with it, you have to log in to the Personal Area. After this, you need to follow the following easy steps:

Traders must have to make sure that the authorities of Exness verify their personal area, and for that, you should have the proof of residence documents; in addition, it is crucial to have the identity’s proof. Make sure that all of these documents are approved and verified.

After completing the verification process, you will be able to have access to the personal area. 

Now, click on the deposit option in front of the trading account you want.

You have to follow some easy steps on the new homepage.

On the confirmation page have a look at the details and make sure that they are accurate and then click on  “Confirm”.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What is the minimum deposit in case of Exness?

When it comes to minimum deposit, you will have to pay $10-$500. If you deposit the amount of $10, you can start trading. Bear in mind that the minimum deposit of Vietnam’s traders is a bit higher as they have to deposit $15, and the investors outside Vietnam have to deposit a minimum of $10.

Is the process of withdrawal lengthy or not?

The withdrawal time may vary depending upon the option you have chosen. Here are the details:

Internet Banking and USD= Approx. 72 hours

Bank Cards: almost 3-5 working days

Bitcoin=Commonly 4 hours

Here are some payment options that will assist you greatly by withdrawing the money instantly. 

Neteller, Skrill, Internal Transfer, AstroPay, Web Money, Perfect Money.

Do you have to pay any withdrawal fees?

If you use Skrill, then you will have to pay the withdrawal fees. In addition to this, if you withdraw an amount of less than $200, you have to pay a withdrawal fee.

Final Thought

To sum up the discussion regarding the Exness minimum deposit we would like to say that it’s quite economical compared to the multiple other options available in the market. Additionally, they have some really good features, and one more good thing is no deposit fees. They offer an Islamic account that claims to follow the principles of Shariah, so if you are planning to open an account, you can consider it as well.