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Trading across international waters can be an excellent way to generate profit by reaching new markets. This is especially true for US food exports. However, if you’re a beginner, you may wonder what suits you best. Seafood is the most popular food commodity, with coffee holding first place in the beverage sector. 

Here is the world’s top ten list of beverage and food exports by country.

Top Ten Most Exported Food and Beverage Products 

Asking, which country exports the most food? This comprehensive list consists of the biggest importers and exporters from a global standpoint. 


Fish is a great place to start, with an estimated export value of $130bn. The export volume is estimated at 57.8 million metric tons, which increased from 57.4 million metric tons in 2012. China is among the developing countries with the largest fish output in global fish production, accounting for over 30%. Similarly, Norway dominates the production of farm salmon.

As per volume, the best exporters of fish in the world were:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • the Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand are also on the list of the largest shrimp exporters. The leading fish importers include the US and EU.


Soybean is the second most-traded food worldwide, boasting a trade value of over $59bn. The export volume of the oilseed was more than 108 million metric tons, estimated at $538 per ton. The US generated the highest percentage of soybean output, followed by Brazil and Argentina. China was the largest importer of soybeans, followed by the EU and Mexico. The largest soybean exporter was Brazil, followed by the US and Argentina.


The annual average price of wheat is $294 per ton, with an export volume of 154 million tons. The EU and China are the biggest producers of wheat. China also consumes approximately 125 million metric tons of wheat, making it the world’s biggest consumer. Egypt and China are the biggest wheat importers. The US is often the largest wheat exporter and related wheat products, followed by the EU.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is the fourth biggest trade commodity with a trade value of $39bn. The world’s palm oil exports are over 43 million tons, with an annual average price of $857 per ton. 

Indonesia is the largest palm oil producer, with 30 million metric tons, followed by Malaysia and Thailand. India maintains its position as the biggest palm oil consumer, followed by China and the EU. 


With a trade value exceeding $36bn, beef and veal are the fifth most traded food commodities in the world. Its export volume is estimated at over eight million tons, with an annual average price of $4.07 per kg. Brazil takes the lead in beef production, followed by the EU and China. Similarly, Brazil is the biggest beef consumer, followed by the EU and China. After Brazil, India, and Australia are the biggest beef exporters, and the US and Russia are the world’s biggest importers. 

Soybean Meal 

Soybean meal trade volume has reached $33bn. Its export volume is approximately 62.3 million metric tons, averaged at $54 per ton. China is the globe’s leading producer and consumer of over 53 million tons of soybean meal, followed by the US. The second-largest consumer after China is the EU. Argentina topps as the largest exporter, with more than 25 million tons, followed by Brazil and the US. The biggest importers of soybean meal are Indonesia and Thailand. 


Global corn exports reached 110 million metric tons, landing this food commodity at the seventh position on the list. Global corn production and consumption are at least 969 million and 936 million tons, respectively. Three hundred fifty million tons are solely produced by the US, making it the largest producer before China. The US is the biggest corn consumer and the largest corn exporter, followed by Brazil, Ukraine, and Argentina. After Japan, other big corn importers include Mexico, the EU, and China.

Broiler Meat 

Broiler meat (poultry amd chicken), has a trading value surpassing $23bn. The poultry export volume is over ten million tons, with the annual average price of ready-to-cook broiler meat at 2.02 per kg. The US is the third-largest poultry producer, with more than 16 million tons, after Indonesia and China.

Generally, global broiler meat consumption is estimated at 83 million tons. The US and China are the leading chicken consumers. Brazil also earned its place as the biggest broiler meat exporter by trading over 3.5 million tons, followed by the US and the EU. Japan is the largest poultry importer before Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Mexico. 


Ranking as the ninth biggest food commodity traded in the world market, the estimated trade value of rice is over $18bn. Its export volume is 40 million tons with an annual average price of $461 per ton. The total rice production is roughly 470 million tons. After China, India is the biggest producer and consumer of rice worldwide.

China produces more than 141 million tons and uses over 145 million tons of rice, while India has 103 million tons and consumes 95 million tons. India continues to be the world’s biggest rice exporter, followed by Thailand and Vietnam. China is the largest rice importer after Nigeria and Iran. 


Coffee is the world’s biggest beverage commodity, with a computed trade value of over $15bn. Globally, the coffee export volume is roughly six million tons with an annual average price of $2.58 per kg. World coffee production exceeded 8.5 million tons.

After Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Columbia are the largest coffee producers. The EU is the biggest consumer, using over 2.5 million tons yearly, followed by the US and Brazil. Brazil exports over 1.6 million tons of coffee beans annually, making it the top coffee exporter, followed by Vietnam and Columbia. The sequence of the biggest coffee importers is the EU, the US, and Japan. 

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*Note: All of the information above is from the 2013 market analysis. We’ll update the date as soon as new information is gathered.


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What Is The Most Exported Food In The World: Top Ten Products

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