What it Takes to Be a Pilot Or a Businessman

To be a pilot and be up there in the clouds is a childhood dream of many, boys and girls alike. But only a chosen few actually grow up to be one. Today, men and women who want to have their flying licenses need to pass the private pilot exam. In order to do so, they must go through rigorous training and extensive review. It may sound quite difficult, but with the right tools, those who want to become certified pilots can finally have the chance to ride through the skies for real.

In the same way, not everyone is cut out to be businessmen. Many people find business not just interesting but very exciting – cutting deals, forging allies, setting prices, and making judgment calls that could affect several lives. But while it may sound like fun and games to some, the world of business is a serious one where survival of the fittest applies. One must be tough enough to make crucial decisions, lest he becomes the lamb feasted on by the lions. In order to have what it takes in business, one must go to business school and pass the MBA admissions interview.

How to Be a Pilot/Businessman

Passion and Physics

In order to pass the private exam for pilots, one does not need to worry about having a very high IQ. Pilots are smart and have the necessary special skills thanks to their training, but the real trick in becoming one is to have a passion for flying. Aspiring pilots must ask themselves if they really want to fly airplanes; otherwise, they are just wasting their time and are better off finding another profession. Those who have had advanced math and science (particularly physics) classes have an advantage. Those who don’t may choose to take up said classes before taking the private pilot test.

Passion and Personality

MBA interviews are known to be some of the interviews to pass. Everyone who wants to join an MBA program must have an impressive academic record. A’s in different fields of mathematics are a plus. However, these things would not be covered in the interview itself. What interviewers will be looking for is, his record aside, whether the candidate is fit for business school. And the common gauge for this is the kind of personality he exudes during the session. As mentioned earlier, it takes a certain degree of ruthlessness to make it in the business world, so interviewers are sure to look for signs not just of intelligence but of competence, ambition, and passion during the MBA personal interview.

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