Important Facts About Asbestos and Asbestos Removal

If you have found there is asbestos in your home it is crucial that you immediately have the asbestos removed. Asbestos is highly dangerous to you, your family and your pets.

Definition of Asbestos

To help you understand what asbestos is, asbestos is made up of a group of minerals. The minerals in asbestos have long and thin fibrous crystals. Your naked eye is not able to see all of the asbestos and can easily be inhaled causing serious illness. If you have inhaled asbestos it will plunge deep into your lungs. Your lung’s linings will be eaten away by the asbestos causing difficulty in breathing and deadly cancer. If you are diagnosed by a doctor with Asbestosis or Mesothelioma it is not curable.

Years ago asbestos was used in building houses due to how strong it is, durable and helps to fireproof a home. The asbestos is found in insulation, roofing, and tiles in homes in older homes. Asbestos is banned from using in new homes due to the dangerous and incurable health hazards it can cause.

Over more recent years the affects of Asbestos have become more obvious and on 31st December 2003 new laws were introduced to ban the use, re-use, selling or distribution of any Asbestos products of any kind.

Who can Remove Asbestos?

You must hire a fully licensed and certified company to remove asbestos due to their dangerous content. An experienced company should be chosen that will safely remove your roof and is able to replace your roof with today’s standard of up-to-date safe materials.

It is critical the business you use is fully equipped and qualified to complete any asbestos removal. They need to be certified and in Australia the business must be licensed by WorkCover.

When dealing with a business for asbestos removal ensure they have a solid asbestos management plan and they have a plan to replace the materials with safer, more suited alternatives.

Top 5 Tips to finding a business to fix your asbestos problem

1. Always seek business that have proven experience to ensure they carefully remove the asbestos from your beloved home or business.
2. Only use businesses that hire tradesmen that are highly trained to take care of your roof.
3. Ensure the business you hire have a clearly laid out plan in case of an emergency to reduce of prevent more damage to your home or business.
4. Look for a business to looks at every job on a case by case scenario, asking questions to better understand how to remove your asbestos quickly and with the least amount of danger
5. Finally, only EVER use business that is Fully licensed and certified to remove asbestos and ask for their qualifications and license details.

After all, you’re placing the life of you, your family and friends into their hands and you need to ensure in years to come you will remain happy and healthy.

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