Top Website Statistics You Should Know In 2023

Top Website Statistics for 2023 – Forbes Advisor

The internet is a fast-evolving space. As a site owner, it is crucial to stay abreast of all the emerging trends to stay ahead of the curve. 

When you start looking for web hosting in Singapore and Domain Hosting in Singapore to launch your website, you expect the internet to be competitive and prepare yourself accordingly. 

However, to assess the extent of competitiveness, it is essential to know certain website traffic statistics. Here are some top website statistics of 2023.

Internet Users Statistics

Web Traffic and Content Marketing

Website Usage and Popularity

Growth of Ecommerce

Other trends

  • On average, websites convert around 3.68% of site visitors into customers. 
  • Around 43% of site owners are planning to invest in the performance of their websites in 2023 to boost this number. 
  • Website load time statistics: Slow-loading pages are still the primary source of frustration for site visitors. 
  • Around 50% of site visitors believe that the design of the site is essential for the image of the brand. Hence, many site owners have started creating sites focusing on user experience. 
  • Content marketing remains the most popular way of improving the visibility of a brand. Interestingly, around 73% of respondents in a survey agreed to have a content marketing strategy. 
  • Video content has been constantly evolving as an effective marketing tool in the digital world.
  • In eCommerce, the risk of fraud is still the most significant fear online merchants face.
  • People are getting increasingly comfortable sharing some personal details online for a personalised experience or discounts.
  • Around 55% of website visits globally happen from mobile devices.


While businesses were working on establishing an online presence, the surge in online purchases during the two pandemic-affected years has made it vital for businesses to have an online presence. 

If you are launching a website in Singapore, then make sure to look for a reputed provider offering web and domain hosting provider. 

This sets the platform for the optimal performance of your site. Next, go through the trends listed above and create a marketing strategy to boost the visibility of your site. 

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